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The New Standard
in Data Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business using data analysis

Business intelligence

Give your data superpowers with modern analytical tools. Combine all your data sources and thus achieve a unique 360° view of your business with advanced "self-service" analytics.

Backup and Disaster Recover

With backup and disaster recovery protection from mackdata you can relax, knowing your systems are safely backed up. Even if data gets lost, you can recover it quickly and get back on your feet.

Strategic IT Consulting

By providing IT consulting services, you can get information and support to ensure your organization’s technology and systems are up-to-date.

Apple Services and Support

Mackdata specializes in helping businesses like yours operate smarter and more securely with Apple technology.

We can keep your Apple environment – operating at peak performance.

Limit risk.
Future planning.
Enhance team's capabilities.

Stay Up-to-Date

Our core focus is on ensuring the success of our customers. We strive to provide them with solutions that address their long-term business needs, enabling them to achieve new heights of success in the future.

At our company, the well-being, happiness and feelings of each team member is a top priority. We are dedicated to looking out for one another and fostering a culture of support and encouragement. We take great pleasure in seeing our colleagues succeed and are fully committed to helping them reach their professional development goals.


We prioritize goals that align with our values and passions and put forth our full efforts and enthusiasm in achieving them. We inspire one another to approach obstacles with fresh perspectives and maintain an open-minded attitude towards different strategies.

Our Partners

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